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SVM - English

Who are we?

The Study Centre for Flemish Music [SVM] is a study and documentation centre, founded in 1998 and located in Antwerp, that aims at safeguarding as well as making public the Flemish musical patrimony of the 19th and 20th century.

The activities of the SVM include:

  • tracing and disclosing threatened or forgotten legacies
  • scientific research of scores, letters and other sources
  • stimulating performances and recordings
  • publishing general catalogues, inventories, monographs and comprehensive studies
  • How can you use this site?

  • SVM provides English translations of the original composer biographies in Flemish/Dutch. You will find an overview of all the composers with a biography in English here. When you click on one of the composers, the link will also give you - per composer - a bibliography and historical texts in Flemish, French or English. To see all our composers, you can go to the Componisten-page and browse for a composer by family of personal name. 
  • The Calender component on our Home-page shows you where to go if you want to hear music by Flemish composers.
  • In the Documentatie-page you find more general information on Flemish music. Basisbronnen gives a bibliographical overview about specific musical domains such as conservatories, cities or associations. In Databank Gezelle you find a large database with information on 1824 songs written on texts by Guido Gezelle. VMI (Vlaams Muziek Instituut or Flemish Music Institute) is an umbrella project that gives access to Flemish scores in the Conservatory Libraries of Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels; it was set up by these libraries and SVM in 2008. There is also a page with all possible links about Flemish music.
  • You can search the whole site with the 'zoek'-function, above right on each page. There you can refine your search options by clicking on 'uitgebreid zoeken'.
  • Take a look at our (Dutch) timeline in the Tijdlijn-page, where you can see a historical survey of Belgian and European politics, together with Flemish and European music.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us at the Contact-page.